Joerg Erdmenger

Joerg Erdmenger

Hi, I'm Joerg!

I work as a Program Director for IBM Cloud recently leading engineering, release and operations of IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services . Previously I lead development and operations of services and components of the IBM Cloud Platform as well as open source contributions to Cloud Foundry and other Cloud Native projects.

We do all the hard engineering work, to provide our customers choice and easy adoption.

I have more than 15 years experience as Program Director and Senior Manager for Engineering, Operations and Release management for different services and products developed at the IBM Research and Development Lab in Boeblingen, Germany. Before appointed as manager I worked as software engineer on several different enterprise grade systems management solutions including Storage Management solutions across multiple platforms including AIX, HP-UX, Linux (RH, SLES, Ubuntu, ..), Solaris and Windows serving enterprise SAP installations with DB2, Oracle and MaxDB. From my first years in high school and university and as professional I worked with Open Source Software (OSS). This includes usage of OSS tooling, support of platforms, consumption of OSS into his own projects as well as contribution to OSS projects. Recent examples for open source projects I contributed to are OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

My tech interest include modern software engineering practices, Serverless, PaaS (Cloud Foundry), Kubernetes and other open source technologies. I enjoy coding more recently with Python and JavaScript for fast results and prototyping. Previously I did most of my coding in C/C++ and Java for enterprise grade solutions, as well as Python, Perl, and Shell for infrastructure and CI/CD automation.

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